Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tollway Tatters

Edited 05/22/2013 @5pm:     Carrie started her own blog.   You can see her beautiful tatting:

We gathered, we chatted, we tatted, we had a wonderful time. 

    Above:   Marilee, Diane, Sue, + I; photograph taken by Sue's DH.  

Diane enjoyed some retail therapy + found lovely embellished boxes to share with us.   (and the little shapes look like tatting shuttles!).   She spoiled us with tatting fiber, embellished tatting shuttle + thread winders, too.    

Sue found these awesome little blue doodats - and shared with all of us.   A neat new tatting embellishment.   Now, wonder what pattern will go nicely with a square???

Busy Barbara gifted us with snap bags.   Each bag with a machine embroidered tatting shuttle on the front.   Each bag a bit different and hard to select just one.    I liked this rust-bronze bag.   The top has lovely Autumn greens, blues, and bronze colors.    And yes, it is filled already with tatting tools.

Did you notice the HDT on the bag????   Yes, it is Gold Dust - made by Yarnplayer.   Like it?   You may find some for sale in her shop.   The colorway is rich + yummie.  
 In addition to the lovely fiber, Marilee gifted us with lovely bag of post-its, flower, and chocolate.   We all know how well chocolate goes with tatting!    

Speaking of tatting .... yes, we did tat!   You'll have to take my word, there was tatting.   Or, visit a couple blogs with photos:    HERE and HERE.    
I managed to get some beads on a shuttle and tat a couple of Jon's butterfly motifs, called Flutters.  Missed a couple who couldn't make it.   Regret not taking more pictures.   

Edited:    I so enjoyed meeting new tatters Carrie (now blogging at:  Just Give Her Some String) and Jean (w/o blog) and hope to see them again the next time we gather.    

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We all have our favorites ....

and, we all have those patterns that never seem to be quite right.

This is from the On-Line Tatting Class.
April 2011 - to practice Joins in Split Rings.   I've tried to get this triangle done without any errors -
and have yet to succeed.   (came close last night).

It is Rosemarie Peel's pattern:  Three Point Star.

Fun time with shuttles - I may try it again in yellow fiber.   I used this color so
I'd have a better idea of what shuttle I had in hand + to get me thru the design!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tatting with Honey Bunny

Yes, this is a motif from the On-Line Tatting Class,  (April 29th Class).     I made a practice piece,
and then tried a motif - which didn't want to lay flat.     I went over the pattern + realized I didn't have the center area tatted per pattern.    
Tried again with Lizbeth, Size 20, Col. 624 + think it came out ok!  This motif is

Sonnenschein by
Petra Tornack-Zimmermann

from her book Happy Occhi
square motifs in tatted lace

In addition to the on-line class homework, I tatted up a little motif

with Lizbeth, size 20, Scottish Thistle.    It is based on motif #31, a pattern
from MiniTats (by Patti Duff), motif with six points.    When I realized I had not joined the first point and 6th point, I added a little extra.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

weaving squares

I bought some white yarn (same brand) to mix with the pink/orange and blue/green yarn.    Made couple squares with green/blue yarn.   Couple squares with pink/orange yarn.   Then, combined green/blue yarn in two directions, the pink/orange yarn in two directions.    With the white yarn, used pink/orange in two directions and white in two directions.    They are pretty squares.    Eventually, when I run out of yarn, I'll have to sew them together!    

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Loom Fever


These are more squares, made on the Zoom Loom.    The dk grey/pink is Adrienne Vittadini, Nicole.   The brown is Queensland Collection, Dream.   The green, blue is Artful Yarns, Marine.  

While visiting Violet Rose blog, I noticed some interesting color combinations.   Check out
Yarn Explorations, part III.

I have some Baby Coordinates (Bernat) to use tonight.   These yarn colors are soft & make a nice woven square.  

so, anybody else have Zoom Loom fever???      Did I mention the loom is made in USA?

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