Saturday, February 17, 2018


Tat It and See
Day 13

Another piece of the pattern .... soon, we will have a completed motif!

Tat It and See:   link HERE

 I tatted two motifs ... usually I mess up .... so far, so good!

tatting shuttles are made in Japan by Ayumi Horiai. (link HERE

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

D12: Tat It and See


Tat It and See

..... hmmmmmmm

What do you think?    More tatting at Jane Eborall's blog site.

A tatted sea maiden.   That is my best guess.

Tatted with Lizbeth, size 20 fiber.   

Color 117 Country Side  (blue/green mix). 
 Color 127 Butterfly Breeze   (pastels) 

Jane Eborall:
Tat It and See -
Web site - Tatting Patterns by Jane Eborall:
Blog - Shuttle Tatting and NOT a Lot Else:

Tatting shuttles:   
PETER CUA Shuttle .... visit:  Tatting and Design.
Picot Gauge set + holder .... visit:  Grizzly Mountain Arts.  
Embellished blue shuttle .... visit:  Shuttle by Design.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 TIAS, D11


Another day .... waiting for the next clue.

Next day up on the Tat it and See blog!

Lelia shuttle, custom order via Veronica, Tatting Shuttles Etsy.   Link here.
Bunny shuttles made by Carollyn, via Carollyn's Tatting blog.   Link here.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

TIAS d10

oooo .... looking like a 'something'

a shell-less turtle?    a fancy bird?   Wooden tatting shuttles are sold by Veronica, Tatting Shuttles Etsy Link HERE.

probably a sea maiden.    or?

Jane keeps us guessing thru the game.

Have you visited Jane Eborall's blog,  Tat It and See -- no?

link here:

should be more clues to conclude our tatted piece.

 I have been tatting squares and think this fiber must have been a size 30 or  size 40 as the square, it is too small.   Not sure it can be blocked to the requested size .   I will have to pull out some size 20 and get these squares tatted and mailed.

small tatted heart. ( emiko-kitao-japanese )  this is from Tatting Lace (Japan).  Applemints publication.   Shuttle embellished by Diane.   ( Lace Lovin Librarian ).      

I also purchased Marilee's heart pattern, Heart Aglow.   ( Yarnplayer's Etsy )   
   ... looking forward to tatting the lovely hearts.   Have you seen it?  Pendent, bracelet, earrings ... 

Friday, February 09, 2018

tatting TIAS D9

TIAS:  Tat It and See 2018

Jane Eborall's TIAS Tat It and See blog
has many clues and ideas!

Day Nine

 A sea maiden?  Squid?   sea creature ... Lizbeth, size 20, color 127

"under the sea .... "

 Lizbeth, size 20, col 117.

and, a few square medallions for the "tat a Brussels' monument in pink"     This is weldon's (1911) fig 11, square medallion pattern.   need to mail tatted squares  by march 1st.

Project info - link here  .

Horn fish shape shuttles from Handy Hands.